Date: 15-08-2019
Venue: Mairang

Clean Environment Drive on World Environmental Day at various centres was conducted where students were engaged in cleaning their school, hostel and outside premises. At the same time instructions were given on environmental problems of Global Warming and the importance of planting trees. The children brought plants from their garden and planted them on the school campus. It’s been very interesting to see their enthusiasm and love to make their school campus clean and green.

Competitions on dancing, singing and drawing and flowers arrangement were organised at various schools where many of the sponsored children took part and won prizes. On August 15, Independence Day was observed with great honour at all schools. This year Auxilium Lum Jingshai Secondary School, Mawroh sent 33 students and three teachers to participate in the parade held at Mairang subdivision a distance about 23 kilometres from their school. The school students were awarded as the Best Discipline School among 28 school participants. They returned with great joy and happiness carrying the Trophy and the Certificate of their victory. Every year in July during the children’s school summer vacations, the Snehalaya centre organises Summer Camp for their children by taking them to places away from Guwahati to rural areas under the supervision of the authorities. The children get a break and get engaged in group activities like helping the cooks by cleaning the vegetables, cleaning, paddy cultivation, fishing etc. and other playful activities like telling stories etc. After coming back from the camps, children go back to their respective schools with much happiness and enthusiasm. The sponsored children of the Children Sponsorship Programme with the support of Fondazione Fratelli Dimenticati Onlus, Italy took part in various school activities and programmes with great enthusiasm at their respective centres.


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