Now I am Confident
Mr DharmeshwarRabha is from Kakuapara village, Lemakona region, Goalpara district of Assam. He is a member of Pragati SHG which was form on August 11, 2002. The SHG has 13 members with a regular saving of INR 100 per member a month. The SHG is also a member of Bhoiskhuli CLF. Mr Rabha as SHG members received many training programme like capacity building, leadership, livestock farming, bank linkage, income generation activities, etc. from Bosco Reach Out over the past years. He is very active member of the SHG. He started to rear hen and cow. He cultivates vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, reddish, etc. to meet the family expenses. In 2016, he attended the skill development programme on piggery conducted by Bosco Reach Out. Since then he bought a pig to begin the piggery with a plan to expand the activity. In 2018, he built a concrete sty for pig with the support of Bosco Reach Out. He took INR 10000 as loan from his SHG common fund to purchase pigs. Now he is rearing four pigs which are in good health. In the same year, he also attended the demonstration on Rain Water Harvesting and received materials for Rain Water Harvesting from Bosco Reach Out. He prepared the Rain Water Harvesting for using the water for livestock and agriculture during the lean season.

Today, he is happy with all his achievements and confident enough to continue all the activities. He has future plan to increase his activity on piggery farm. He mentioned that the knowledge, skill and support received from SHG members, CLF leaders, and Bosco Reach Out will be treasured and for which he remained ever grateful.

Dignified Live Through Education
I am Ms Norimbe A. Sangma from Ambari village belonging to Garobadha centre. My mother passed away when I was only three years old. My father married again and went to stay with his new wife. I was left alone with my small brother and sickly old grandmother. My father did not take care of us. When I was four years old, sisters from Mazzarello convent Garobadha came to visit us. They brought me to their hostel and sent me to school. They provide me with food, books, medicines, uniform and school fees with support received through Bosco Reach Out Fondazione FratelliDimenticatiOnlus, Italy children sponsorship programme. When I was in Class IV, my grandmother became very sick. My brother was still small could not take care of her so, I left hostel to look after them. The sisters came again to my house because I was absent for one week. They brought three of us to their convent after seeing the pitiful condition. They took care of my small brother education through the sponsorship programme. My brother is still studying. Now, I am studying B.A. and also teaching in the School. I am able to support myself, my brother and my grandmother.
I am very grateful to Fondazione FratelliDimenticatiOnlus, Italy, my benefactors, Bosco Reach Out Sponsorship Programme through the instrumentality of the Sisters of Garobadha Centre. I pray to God that He may bless your hard work and wish that sponsorship programme reaches out to many poor and needy children like me and my brother. May the Good Lord reward you abundantly for your selfless dedication in helping the poor and giving them dignity and the chance to come up in life like any other children.

Joy to my Life
A few years ago I, Ms ApeswariBasumatary was suffering from eye problem and never thought of getting back my eye sight. My right eye cataract surgery was conducted on 30th March 2019 successful at 200 Bedded Civil Hospital, Goalpara. As the doctor remove the bandage from my eye and put eye drop, I felt very nice and happy because I could see my surrounding clearly. This day had changed my life completely. I thank the doctors and all those who have brought joy into my life. Today I can do all the works without any eye problem. Thanks to all.

Importance of Income Generation Activities
Mr. DipakRabha, 35 years old from Peknapara village, Rongjuli block, Goalpara district of Assam, is a Wadi beneficiary of the project ‘Integrated Tribal Fund Development- BOLGRIM’ implemented at Rongjali block of Goalpara district, Assam. He has one acre of land (now Wadi-rubber plantation) unutilised for any crop plantation. His only source of income was Sali paddy cultivation (mono-cropping) with few areca nut plants with INR 20000 (twenty thousand). It was not sufficient for a three-member family. He could not save money in his bank account nor apply for bank loan. In 2011, he left for Delhi in search of jobs and livelihood but returned home unsatisfied with it. The timely TDF project intervention he took up rubber plantation in his unutilised one acre of land. He attended training on cultivation of banana from Horticultural Research Station, Kahikuchi, Guwahati as part of TDF intervention. In 2014, he planted 80 banana plants as intercrop in between rows of rubber and he earned INR 2500. In 2016, successively 250 banana plants were planted and got INR 30000. He was motivated and took 3 bighas of land on lease for cultivated banana plants. He could get a return of INR 250000. His annual income from intercrops increased to around INR 425000.

He attended awareness on Joint Liability Group and became a member. He approached the bank for credit linkage for expanding banana cultivation. Improved knowledge on livestock vaccination and linkage with State Veterinary Dispensary encouraged him to take up piggery. He joined and became a chairman of Nabajyoti (FPO) AnchalikKrishakShramik Co-operative Society Ltd. of Chekowary village Dhubdhara registered under Co-operative Society Ltd. on September 2018. Presently his 70% rubber plants are ready for harvesting latex from May 2020 and expecting to earn INR 12000-15000 from rubber sheets in the first year of latex harvesting.